Who are we?

Geekology: In degree Celsius, 0.01 is the triple point temperature of water. This is the precise temperature where water exists in 3 states: liquid, vapour and solid. Applying a small change in pressure pushes it from one state to another.

Our team:

1 part AWESOME + 2 parts GEEK = Totally Point O One

We are unapologetic geeks passionate about great customer experience, beautiful design and the science that explains them. As defenders and believers of agile marketing, we help our clients improve the speed, predictability, transparency and adaptability of their marketing function.

What the heck
do we do?

We apply the right pressure in a controlled environment to elements of your marketing assets to drive the uplift in results that you desire.

User Experience

Web Personalisation

AB Split Tests

Marketing Analytics


Email Marketing

Great Design

Assetising Your Marketing

Good marketing leverages and maximises the assets built. Be it your eCommerce website, customer database or the content that you have developed, we look at turning these into assets that drive returns over and over for you.

We specialise in the following asset optimisation areas:


We begin your eCommerce optimisation by plugging the profit leaks across your consumer path to purchase. We put in place strategies across key touchpoints in your consumer journey that maximise profits and increase your average order values.

What we do

• A full audit of your website with user experience as a key focus
• Map out your consumer path to purchase
• Plan and develop data-driven web personalisation programs
• Develop cart recovery programs retargeting high converting customers
• Develop dedicated test plans addressing conversion gaps
• Implement, track and measure each test


We help you assetise your customer database. We grow your customer lifetime value by accelerating them along the customer lifecycle though omni-channel communication strategies with email marketing often playing a starring role.

What we do

• Analyse your customer and transactional data to mine marketing insights
• Develop your CRM multi-channel strategy and contact plan
• Design and develop triggered lifecycle marketing programs
• Develop loyalty strategy that rewards the right behaviours and best customers
• Develop dedicated test plans to optimise each communications channel
• Implement, track and measure each test
• Execute email campaigns that customers anticipate and love

Content Maketing

The content that you have built is only as good as their ability to convert into leads or sales for you. We develop and drive content test plans that give you a statistically significant increase in conversions.

What we do

• A full audit of the content within your organisation
• Identify and develop customer personas
• Develop content strategy mapped against customer personas
• Develop lead nurturing campaigns with the content that you have
• Develop dedicated test plans addressing conversion gaps
• Implement, track and measure each test

Our Clients

Our client profile spans a broad range of sectors including Health and Wellness, Technology,
Finance, Tourism, and Retail.

We work with MNCs that need help growing their eCommerce businesses, local iconic brands that want to establish global dominance and start-ups that want to deliver a kickass, boundary-pushing ‘whole product’.

Need help contacting us?

Contact Information

316 Tanglin Road 02-01, (Phoenix Park Block G), SINGAPORE 247978

Unit 402 Aloha Plaza Building, 424 Tandang Sora Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

+65 6871 8752